Custom Training & Consulting

You want your organization to grow and thrive. But sometimes, it’s a challenge. Expanding beyond a certain level can feel impossible, especially if you’re having issues with key areas, like strategy, leadership, and employee performance. What’s worse is that if you’re not growing, then you’re losing market share to your competitors – which puts your organization in a vulnerable position.

Let the consulting experts at Canisius Center for Professional Development help. We can look deeply into your business in order to identify the root cause of the problem and help bring your vision for the future to life. We have decades of experience working directly with organizations of all shapes and sizes – and across many different industries – providing insightful business perspectives and designing and implementing impactful solutions.

Regardless of your organization’s size or challenges, our goal is always the same: helping you to improve performance and achieve company-wide objectives.

Our Solutions

We help organizations – and their employees – reach their full potential through a variety of different solutions, including:

  • Business planning and organizational alignment
  • Cultural strategy development and program implementation
  • Team assessment and recommendations
  • Leadership development programs and tools
  • Change management planning and execution

On-Site Training

Are teams struggling to meet project goals, schedules, and budgets? Are leaders having trouble communicating with staff? Our on-site training programs can help transform the way people work individually and together within your organization. Whatever your needs or situation, we provide training programs for different levels of participants, from employees to executives. Our facilitators also have extensive experience working with many different types of organizations and know how to help you improve both performance and profitability.

Customized Consulting

Our business consulting process begins with a conversation. We’ll meet to discuss your needs, challenges and opportunities. We’ll then customize a proposal that will contain specific goals, performance measurements, and options for how we can work together to attain your desired outcome. Throughout the process, we will keep you fully informed on progress to ensure we’re meeting our high standards and your expectations.

Outcomes You Can Expect

  • A fresh perspective: Sometimes, when you’re too close to an issue, it’s hard to see it clearly. Our consultants have fresh eyes and can help you spot and fix the true issues that are holding your organization back.
  • More time: You’re busy managing core responsibilities, making it hard to find the time to devote to training, strategy and development. But that’s all we do. Our job is to dedicate our time and attention to your specific problem, helping you weigh the different options, costs, and benefits – and implement the best solution. As a result, you can focus on your other priorities, while also achieving your objectives.
  • Innovative solutions: Because our consultants partner with so many different organizations, we see what works – and what doesn’t – in terms of training, processes and strategies. And we know what it takes to outperform others and gain more market share, while also minimizing risk.
  • Improved results: Through our focused plans, tools, and recommendations, we can help you achieve measurable results, from more effective leadership performance to stronger, more committed and engaged teams.

Executive Coaching

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has one. Bill Gates says everyone needs one. But how can you personally benefit from an executive coach?

As the one in charge, sometimes it’s hard to get fresh, unbiased feedback and perspective on your own performance. As the saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top.” But having someone to turn to in order to talk through tricky situations, gain clarity on goals and values, and learn about areas that need improvement can be invaluable. In fact, with the help of one of our highly professional, certified executive coaches, you can become the best version of yourself as a leader.

When you’re the boss, your focus is on your employees and the company bottom line. But at Canisius Center for Professional Development, our focus is on you. With our executive coaching services, we can help you gain fresh insight, experiment with new ways of thinking, and take your performance to the next level.


Our coaching is tailored to your unique needs. Perhaps you’re taking on a more senior role in your organization that requires new skills. Maybe you’re being charged with leading an important company-wide initiative. Or you could be at a crossroad with your business and uncertain about which direction to head in.

Whatever the case, one of our coaches will work with you to define your goals, evaluate your options and overcome challenges – all so you can attain your vision for the future. Throughout the process, we will also help you ask the hard questions and look at situations through different perspectives, all so you can take the best approach moving forward. Along the way, you will always enjoy a one-on-one, completely confidential relationship with your coach.


Through our executive coaching services, you’ll learn to:

  • Define your values and what you stand for as a leader, so you have more clarity moving forward
  • Sharpen your leadership skills and performance, all so you can make a more positive impact at your company and in your career
  • Gain more self-awareness – including how you’re perceived by others, areas where you can improve, and what you truly want for your future
  • Increase emotional intelligence, as well as communication, delegation, conflict management, and team building skills
  • Make the successful transition into a new leadership role
  • Address any negative attitudes or behaviors that could be getting in the way of your career or company advancement