Training Seminars

Training seminars are designed for professionals who wish to gain a competitive edge over their business peers through the development of leadership skills and overall business acumen. Past participants make up a wide variety of industries so all are encouraged to attend. Seminars range in length from a half day to 12 weeks, depending on the topic.

We provide customized services for our clients. Please contact the CPD directly  for specific training topics including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies

Current Training Seminar Offerings:

Creating & Conducting Training That Works


In today’s world, training is more challenging than ever. Attention spans are short and distractions abound. What’s more is that many employees view training as boring, outdated and a waste of time. What’s a trainer to do?

You need to deliver content in a creative, interesting, and engaging way. That means developing training that sticks.

This course will teach you how to do just that by offering real-world, “how-to” information you can put into action now to improve your training skills. Not only will you master the fundamentals of adult learning theory, but you’ll also become proficient in how to involve participants more in their own learning. That way, they’ll remember more of what’s taught and can better apply that knowledge when they’re back on the job. In the end, you’ll be able to develop and deliver training that’s focused, fun – and more effective.


  • Create better employee training and instructional programs with the right flow from start to finish.
  • Boost content retention with the latest in adult learning theory and active learning techniques.
  • Identify your group’s needs so you can adjust your material accordingly.
  • Build your credibility and trust with those you’re training, as well as with management.


Those new to training looking to develop and enhance their training skills; subject matter experts responsible for training; and experienced trainers who want to boost the results of their training. This program is designed for those who train individually, as well as in large groups. It’s also valuable for those who work in sales and marketing, or other fields that require frequent presentations.


  • Adult learning theory and how to motivate the adult learner
  • Building rapport with your audience and getting them interested in your topic
  • How to structure a training session, including the importance of the icebreaker
  • How to use visual aids that pack a punch
  • How to measure learning among your participants

DiSC and YOU: Know Yourself and Become a More Effective Leader


This one-day learning experience includes a DISC assessment, one-on-one consultation on YOUR personal results (a DISCussion) and a seminar on actioning your leadership and communications style more effectively.

This direct learning experience will leave you able to answer, “Now I know what I can do differently in leading my people and being on a team.”

How to Go From Doer to Manager Successfully


Did you know that 30% to 50% of first-time managers fail in their new job? Clearly, going from a ‘doer’ role to a manager role is a challenge. Unfortunately, being a successful programmer, salesperson, engineer, or other professional does not guarantee success in management.

Why do so many fail? Oftentimes, it’s simply due to lack of training. Technical, operational and functional skills are significantly different than the skills required to successfully manage people. When you’re in charge, you’re not just following directions; you’re giving them. And you’re not only responsible for accurate and timely delivery of your projects; you have to help others keep their projects on track.

If you’ve recently been appointed to a new role as a manager, or are about to be promoted, this course will teach you how to make the transition as successfully and seamlessly as possible. You’ll learn how to avoid many common problems that can sabotage new managers, as well as what it takes to get your team up and running as quickly as possible. You’ll walk away from this course with a clear pathway toward better results – and management success.


In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Acquire the right mindset so you can become a great leader, not just a boss.
  • Manage and motivate your team members so you can get the most from each one.
  • Increase your visibility among company stakeholders and earn the respect you deserve.
  • Start producing better results almost immediately.


Staff members who are about to be promoted to management; first-time managers; and managers who want to make a faster transition into their management jobs.


  • Why managing requires a new perspective and a new approach
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of becoming a new manager
  • The mindsets, skills and behaviors of effective managers
  • How to focus for job results
  • Communications skills that build employee commitment
  • Learning how to delegate
  • How to deal with performance problems
  • Developing the right temperament to be an effective manager

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Canisius CPD has teamed up with Quality PC Training to provide hands-on computer training that you and your staff can benefit from!

Courses Offered:

PowerPoint Level 1:

  • This introductory  class will provide the basics into creating effect PowerPoint presentations and allow you to use it as a proficient tool.

PowerPoint Level 2:

  • You will enhance your presentation by using features that will transform it into a powerful means of communication. You will customize the PowerPoint interface to suit your requirements and use features to create dynamic and visually appealing presentations. You will then finalize a presentation and secure it to authenticate its validity. Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants’ previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Microsoft Office Excel

Canisius CPD has teamed up with Quality PC Training to provide hands-on computer training that you and your staff can benefit from! This introductory level course will provide the basics into create effective Excel spreadsheets.

Courses Offered: 

Excel Level 1:

  • This course covers the features that people use day to day in Excel. You will learn to create and edit spreadsheets. This includes performing calculations (formulas and functions), copying and moving data, check spelling, and insert and delete rows and columns. You will also learn to make the spreadsheet look attractive with many different formatting options, and change print options. We also cover working with sheets, using Help and making commands easily accessible. Hands-on, instructor led, group-paced, classroom learning. The pace of class is based on the participants’ previous computer experience and class expectations. Questions are welcome and encouraged!

Excel Level 2:

  • Use advanced formulas and work with various tools to analyze data in spreadsheets. You will also organize table data, presentation data as charts, and enhance the look and appeal of workbooks by adding graphical objects.

Microsoft Office Tips & Techniques

Canisius CPD has teamed up with Quality PC Training to provide hands-on computer training that you and your staff can benefit from!

Courses Include:

Microsoft Tips & Techniques for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

  • This class is for Microsoft Office users who are comfortable with the basics and want to learn shortcuts to be more efficient OR for people who haven’t taken a training class recently (or ever) and want to learn new features.

Outlook Tips & Techniques

  • This class is for Outlook users who are comfortable with the basics and want to learn shortcuts to be more efficient OR for people who want to learn new features.

Mini-MBA in HR for Managers and HR Professionals


This learning experience is all about giving you insight, skills and practice to help you transform your business and your teams. Taught by experts in people management and organizational development, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.


  • Optimize your organization’s culture;
  • Engage your people better;
  • Align your workforce planning to your business objectives;
  • Performance manage your teams more effectively; AND
  • Get hands-on scenario-based training

Optimizing Excel for Business


This course will help you identify situations in your organization where data will provide better informed decisions with higher confidence, based on actual results.   You will be introduced to analytical tools typically used in quality analysis and understand their importance, apply the tool and concepts, both with and without computing software.   You will learn what to consider, when it is appropriate to apply analytics, and the key data sources your organization may already have available.   Decisions backed by objective data will help your organization will help contribute to sustainable decision making, more efficient processes, reduce costs, and improve quality.


 In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the process of implementing business analytics, with focus on critical variables, and value of the output
  • Quickly identify situations where analytics has a high probability of objectively describing the situation
  • Understand proven quality tools to uncover trends in data and provide a sustainable process for continuous measurement and improvement.
  • Appreciate the value of data driven decisions versus opinion.
  • Identify analytical methods to characterize problems and opportunities.   Objectively determine if this situation requires additional investigation.


The content in this workshop is designed for small to medium size organizations, yet is easily transferable to any field and size of organization. All are encouraged to attend!


  • Business overview of the purpose of business analytics and how to systematically evaluate existing data
  • Use of analytics to discover trends, identify critical data with impact to the organization’s operations and bottom line.
  • Quality and other proven analytical tools/concepts for analysis and decision making.    Knowing when to use which tool.
  • Use of Microsoft Excel and hands-on application experience to identify key areas for further investigation.
  • Business application/management using analytics, now that you have data driven answers, how are they implemented with your existing processes.
  • Roadblocks, both technical and organizational, with your use of business analytics
  • Opportunities for more advance data collection and analysis
  • Survey of affordable web/cloud based business analytics software for businesses

The HR Guide for the Non-HR Professional


 If you’re in a management role, you may not have the expertise to deal with certain employee relationship issues you face. Yet, you’ll be expected to make a decision that’s not only effective, but legal, as well. It’s therefore imperative that you have a basic understanding of the essentials of human resource management, even if you’re not an HR professional. This course will prepare you to take on a strategic role in managing human resource responsibilities – one that enables you to advance organizational goals, enhance workforce performance and improve employee satisfaction.


 This course is interactive and highly self-reflective, which allows you to explore your own existing knowledge and skill level. You will also:

  • Learn how get new employees off to the best start
  • Gain the legal knowledge you need to limit exposure to costly litigation
  • Learn techniques for effectively dealing with employee morale issues so they don’t poison the workplace
  • Learn strategies for improving employee engagement – and boosting retention in the process
  • Gain a clear understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity laws and how they impact your company so you can stay in compliance


 Any individual who is not a human resource professional, but has to manage any of the core HR functions at an employee level.


 Equal Opportunity Employment Laws:

  • Equal Pay Act of 1963
  • Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1978
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990
  • Civil Rights Act (CRA) of 1991
  • Job design and structure

Interviewing Techniques:

  • Adverse impact vs. disparate treatment


  • Training plans, curriculum and job coaching

Performance Management:

  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Recognition and consequences
  • Employee relations
  • Rewards and compensation
  • Pay and benefit strategies

Employee Development:

  • Bench strength and succession planning


  • Labor relations
  • International HR
  • Leading change
  • Time management and being organized
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Predictors of success

Young Professionals Leadership Certificate Program


This exciting learning experience gives high-potential young professionals both hard and soft skills to not only succeed in the workplace but in community leadership as well.  Over five weeks, learners will improve their communication, organizational, people management and personal branding competencies so they can be more confident and effective in everything they do.


Young professionals will learn and interact according to these key learning areas:

  1. Communications (written, verbal, presentations)
  2. Organizational and Computer
    • Microsoft Office, Excel & PowerPoint
    • Organizational, email and management best practices
  3. The People Environment
    • Emotional IQ
    • Managing Up
    • Peer Leadership
    • Mentorship
    • Improving performance
  4. Personal Branding and Social Media
  5. Scenarios and Pragmatic Practice

Essentials for Successful Project Management


Whether you’re a full-time project manager – or part of your job is to oversee projects at work – there is relentless pressure to meet tight deadlines and trim costs, while still executing flawlessly. To be successful, you have to plan carefully, perform with precision, and meticulously monitor progress. Otherwise, your organization will lose out to competitors who can better manage projects.


  • Fundamentals of effective project management
  • Project management life cycle
  • Communicate project goals and measurable deliverables
  • Factors impacting success of projects
  • Properly plan, scope, and schedule project

Individuals will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructor as well as collectively as a group.

Taking the Leap from Manager to Leader!

Deloitte Research shows clearly that leadership is the #1 talent issue facing all organizations.  86% of respondents, in the research study, rate it as urgent or important.  This seminar will help managers to stretch their capabilities beyond their current skill set.

You will learn the leadership mindsets, skills and behaviors to propel you from a manager role to a leadership role in your organization.  These concepts will enable you to achieve the mark of an exceptional leader – breakthroughs in people and results!

Your seminar leader, Frank Swiatek, has conducted over 3450 presentations throughout the United States and Canada, and has worked for over 25 Fortune 500 companies.  He has observed, taught and coached leaders at every level in organizations.

Topics Covered:

  • An exercise to demonstrate the difference between managers and leaders
  • Leaders develop a leadership culture
  • The 1st foundation of leadership – Trust
  • The 2nd foundation of leadership – Accountability
  • The 3rd foundation of leadership – Commitment
  • Leaders challenge the status quo
  • Leaders identify breakthrough opportunities
  • Leaders have a turnaround mindset, lead people and drive results
  • Leaders project optimism and rise above challenging circumstances
  • Leaders motivate and inspire with messages and behaviors

Mini-MBA in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)

Program Details

In this Mini-MBA, you will learn:

  • the hallmarks of successful SCM operations and the plans that drive them
  • how to leverage trading and supply chain partners, both domestically and internationally
  • what integrated planning, monitoring and controlling means in seemless SCM operations
  • the processes that give you the ability to manage your SCM
  • the integration of sustainability in your supply chain

Canisius instructors are seasoned in SCM and committed to transformational learning.  They recognize that in the highly competitive global marketplace, if you’re focusing on costs only in your supply chain, you’re “missing the boat”.

This Mini-MBA is perfect for professionals in logistics, purchasing, scheduling, procurement, quality and operations.


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