Strategy & Training

Jim Goldstein


From Wall Street to Buffalo, Jim Goldstein has expertise in bank audit, controller-ship, annual process planning and operational risk assessment.  He understands how the industry’s regulatory burdens can negatively impact the bottom line: siloed pools of disparate and duplicate information, systems and processes are created in reaction to regulations while employees, although schooled in accounting, don’t necessarily understand the unique, operating environments of the financial institutions that employ them.

To meet these challenges, Jim can:

  • seek ways to derive value and efficiency from disconnected banking infrastructure;
  • design accounting training that addresses employee knowledge gaps AND the financial institution’s unique operating environment;
  • assess and inventory business unit/divisional information and build one report that presents a concise, clear operational view. This eliminates the all-too-common need to access multiple reports and disjointed systems; and,
  • develop customized “tools” that reveal gaps, duplications and inefficiencies so that banks can re-identify their relevant KPIs and action them.

Don’t let the challenges of today’s banking environment deter you from proactively leveraging your bank’s resources strategically for gain.

To work with Jim, contact Jennifer Patrick, CPD Executive Director (716) 888-8494.