Digital Services

Leah MacVie

Optimizing technology can make an enormous difference in your business.

The Center for Online Learning and Innovation’s (COLI) Digital Services and the Center for Professional Development (CPD) can help you explore ways to improve connecting with your employees AND making your bottom line.

We can help you create and digitize programs, initiatives and “tools” related to:

  • training;
  • compliance
  • governance;
  • employee engagement;
  • product promotions;
  • web-site development;
  • employee recognition; and
  • performance management.

The synergies between COLI and the Center for Professional Development (CPD) mean that you can create exactly what you need without the overhead.

Time is money and the use of digital tools can save you a ton of it.

Contact Jennifer Patrick, CPD Executive Director, to explore how our Digital Services can help you (716) 888-8494.