Global Experiences

No matter what stage in life, international experiences change you.  Canisius’ Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) is in the business of change because it develops, hosts and delivers international programs, trips and experiences.

Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)

What makes IGE absolutely unique is that experiences are developed and led by educators. These professionals have years of study and understand the vast seamless of history, culture and spirituality in the destinations that they visit.

We are not a travel agency.  We are a global classroom.

A yearly roster of trips are planned but experiences can be customized for:

  • organizations, associations and religious groups;
  • companies or corporations;
  • retiree associations or individual social groups; and,
  • youth groups.

Unique spiritual and cultural trips also exist and have been enjoyed by lifelong learners and students annually to:

  • Kilimanjaro/Tanzania;
  • Argentina;
  • Philippines; and,
  • India

If any of these global experiences interest you or if you dream of something not found here, please contact Tim Wadkins at or 716-888-2824..

The world is still your oyster.

Berlin: The City Experience in May, 2018

Canisius’ own, Fine Arts Program Director and Visiting Assistant Professor, Yvonne Widenor, will be leading another exciting arts tour abroad.  Join adult learners, students, faculty, alumni and enthusiasts of all kinds interested in exploring arts and history in Berlin.

Faith, Tradition & Modernization in Central America

This seminar will include visits to: Mayan ruins; Catholic and Mayan spiritualities in the ancient villages along Lake Atitlan in Guatemala; old colonial towns; Guatemalan and Salvadoran civil war memorial sites where Catholic bishops, priests and peasants were martyred; social service agencies dealing with issues such as street children, homelessness and gang violence; Catholic cathedrals; Pentecostal mega-churches; and congregations engaged in various kinds of social service.

Along the way there will be presentations by experts in various fields and a musical concert by a renowned Salvadoran folk singer. There will also be optional opportunities for activities such as hiking, shopping, touring a coffee plantation, and golf. Don’t miss this unique continuing education opportunity.

For more information please visit or contact Dr. Wadkins at 716.888.2824 or