Transformational Learning

Regardless of whether you are participating in a structured course or a consulting offering, all of our professional consultants, instructors and facilitators are committed to transformational learning. This means that by creating curiosity; changing how a learner thinks about how they do their work; and ensuring that learners can apply their new-found knowledge immediately on the job, are critically important to us.

Needs Assessment: Survey

Before engaging in working with you, we offer an advance survey function that is intended to specifically identify what you need. These are not abstract questions but customized questions that can target your firm in its entirety, particular practices or departments, staffing levels or those across the organization affected by certain issues.


It goes without saying that we would love to work with you on an on-going basis but that’s not always practical. You can optimize your training or consulting investment by allowing us to train-your-trainer. Needless to say, we are happy to create the “tools” and resources that your trainer needs so they can get a strong start and, more importantly, ensure learning momentum is not lost.

Learn more about the benefits of our training seminars and programs from past attendees!


For over thirty years, the Canisius Center for Professional Development has been helping business and not-for-profits in all manner of industries and disciplines transform themselves and their work.

As part of The College, the CPD can draw on significant resources and expertise from its three schools:  Arts and Sciences; Education and Human Services; and, the Wehle School of Business.  Experts, especially from the latter, as well as the vast professional network that Canisius enjoys in Western New York and across the nation, means that the CPD can bring something special to you, your teams and your organization.

We are contemporary.  That’s saying something for a College that was established in 1870.  But then again, the Jesuit mission at Canisius is all about transformation…and so too is the CPD and what it can do for you.


Jennifer Patrick, MBA

Jennifer Patrick, MBA

Executive Director

Jennifer is a 2000 MBA graduate of Canisius College. She brings 25 years of management and facilitation experience to her role as Executive Director of Canisius‘ Center for Professional Development. Having worked in private and public sectors in both the US and Canada, she is a seasoned Consultant specializing in transformational management. Jennifer has taught entrepreneurship at Brock University’s School of Business and currently teaches sessionally at the University of Toronto’s Centre for the Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship (School of Engineering) and Canisius College Wehle School of Business. She is known for her ability to mobilize the intelligence of her clients into actionable strategies and results.

Gianna Pelosi

Gianna Pelosi

MBA Graduate Assistant

Gianna has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from John Carroll University. She is presently pursuing her Canisius MBA with a concentration in Human Resources. Gianna uses her prior management experience in overseeing the CPD’s social media and web programming as well as providing support to its HR consulting practice. She is also the creator and content manager of the Wehle School of Business’ e-magazine.