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Training seminars are designed for professionals who wish to gain a competitive edge over their business peers through the development of leadership skills and overall business acumen. Past participants make up a wide variety of industries so all are encouraged to attend. Seminars range in length from a half day to 12 weeks, depending on the topics.

Earning professional certification in your field increases your knowledge, advances your skills and enhances your credibility. The CPD provides industry-recognized certification programs in a wide range of subject areas as well as several certification exam preparation courses.

Whether you’re looking for professional development or personal enrichment, the CPD offers a variety of online courses taught over a six-week period. Topics range from accounting and finance to writing and publishing. A certificate of completion will be provided upon successfully passing the course.

In today’s competitive work environment, we understand that organizations have unique challenges and opportunities. Our experts work directly with your company to provide impactful outcomes and solutions focused on supporting company objectives to improve overall performance.

Understanding what is working effectively for an organization is beneficial to an organization’s success. A workplace assessment is an excellent tool to gauge the perception of your employees and managers on your work environment while proactively addressing issues of concern.

When it comes to empowering people, the ultimate investment in individuals’ development is coaching. Coaching improves one’s productivity and job satisfaction as well as an organization’s overall success and bottom line. Our highly professional, certified coaches will help you open the door to total self-actualization.

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Why us?


We provide unique skills and resources that will cultivate a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial knowledge through a variety of industry specific workshops catered to meet an individual or company’s direct business needs.


Our missions is to help reach your full potential by striving to provide a transformative and one-of-a-kind experience that results in a higher level of personal and professional performances.

Certified Experience

All programs are led by distinguished faculty and/or business experts who are dedicated to accelerating personal and professional growth, regardless of one’s role and experience.

30+ Years Experience

The Canisius CPD has dedicated itself to the training and development of the WNY businesses community. We aim for individuals and businesses to build a stronger, more committed team with improved skills and knowledge.

Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re looking for professional development or personal enrichment the CPD offers a variety of courses, certifications, and seminars at a competitive rate.

Great Support

Our team consists of established experts who will work directly with an organization to provide impactful outcomes and solutions focused on improving performance and delivering company objectives.

Featured Programs

Multi ethnic business executives at a meeting discussing a work

Mini-MBA Program

The Mini-MBA is a comprehensive management development program that provides training in the most current and relevant areas in today’s business environment. While the program cultivates a fundamental understanding of the primary functions of management, it builds a foundation for participants to understand how an organization works as a whole.
This program is designed for professionals who are looking to gain a competitive edge over their business peers while developing their leadership skills.
Taught by highly experienced professionals over a 12-week period, the Mini-MBA provides interactive in-class training within a small group. The curriculum further develops participants’ insight into the frame-works that drive organizational success while affording a condensed overview of topics taught in a full MBA program.

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