The pressures of technological change and the need to optimize its use in business can save time AND money. That’s why the CPD has created an BIZTech Series so that busy professionals, like you, can quickly incorporate technology into your business.  More best practices means more time to do the things that drive revenue and performance.

Join Dr. Ron Kotlik (and CPD Tech Consultant) in all, one or a combination of any of our online, self-paced modules. 

Financial Mathematics Made Easy

Coming Spring 2018

This online, self-paced series is for busy professionals or individual investors who rely upon financial mathematics in their work or for managing their personal finances.

Led by Dr. Jonathan Lopez, this series is suitable for:

  • banking;
  • real estate;
  • investment;
  • finance; and,
  • departments responsible for accounting, finance and loan administration.

Course Duration

Learners will have online access to each module for 90 days.  Individual modules are priced at $90 each.  If you would like to purchase ten or more modules, please contact the CPD at 716-888-8490 for special pricing.

Recommended Pre-Requisites

Pre-requisites are recommended for some, but not all, modules.  Refunds will not be issued if a learner determines that they do not need a particular pre-requisite.  If an individual is uncertain if they have the requisite knowledge to forego a pre-requisite, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Lopez at 716-888-2845.  Canisius College will not be responsible for learner selection.

Ancillary Materials

Dr. Lopez references some questions and solutions, the materials of which are available through the following links:

Materials Needed

Learners taking any one of the CPD’s online test preparation modules will require a computer on which to watch the online course and a financial calculator (ideally BA II Plus) which Dr. Lopez will reference when calculating specific solutions.

Learners can take one, several or all of the 15 modules that are available in this series:

Module 1: Time Value of Money

  • Pre-Requisites: None
  • Interest rates, discount rates, present value, future value, nominal rates, effective rates, real rates

Module 2: Annuities I

  • Pre-Requisites: Module 1
  • Level annuity immediate, annuity due, perpetuity

Module 3: Annuities II

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 2
  • Non-level annuity immediate, annuity due, perpetuity

Module 4: Loans I

  • Pre-Requisites:  Modules 1, 2
  • Amortization method

Module 5: Loans II

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 2, 4
  • Outstanding loan balance, principal/interest breakdown, sinking funds

Module 6: Bonds I

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 2
  • Price, redemption value, par value, yield rate, coupon rate, term

Module 7: Bonds II

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 2, 6
  • Book value, amortization of premium, callable bonds

Module 8: Yield Rates

  • Pre-Requisites: Module 1
  • Dollar-weighted and time-weighted rates of return, spot rates, forward rates

 Module 9: Duration and Convexity

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 2, 3
  • Duration and convexity for a set of cash flows (both Macaulay and modified), first order approximations based on duration

Module 10: Asset Matching

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 6
  • Exact asset matching with liability cash flows, duration matching

Module 11: Immunization

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 9
  • Partial and full immunization

Module 12: Interest Rate Swaps I

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 8
  • Introduction to swap rates and market value of a swap, swap net payments

Module 13: Interest Rate Swaps II

  • Pre-Requisites: Modules 1, 8, 12
  • Deferred swaps, amortizing swaps, accreting swaps

Module 14: Components of Interest Rates

  • Pre-Requisites: Module 1
  • Real risk-free rate, inflation rate, default rate; real versus nominal interest rates; inflation protection

Module 15: Factors Affecting Interest Rates

  • Pre-Requisite: Module 1
  • Federal Reserve, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Federal Funds rate, term structure of interest rates (liquidity, preferred habitat, market segmentation), foreign interest rates

Introduction to Chromebooks

Are you confused or feel overwhelmed with all of the new technology alternatives to Windows or Apple devices? If so, this course will guide through the basics of Chromebook and how they can replace traditional PCs and Macs. Participants will learn how to navigate the basics of Chromebook setup, the differences between Chromebooks and other devices, applications available, and how to best use them within a professional environment.

Introduction to Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling involves using digital tools to create documentaries, computer-based narratives, digital essays, electronic memoirs, interactive storytelling, etc.  These techniques can be used in all professional areas of your business, especially marketing and training.  The course will focus on using WeVideo, a web based video creation tool, to facilitate digital storytelling.  Participants will learn how to use WeVideo to create content that empower professionals to creatively engage with their specific needs.

Introduction to Screencasting

Are you looking for an easy way to create video content for your employees, clients, and customers?  This course will demonstrate web based and computer based tools to easily produce videos that can be used to bring the content delivery in a professional setting. Tools that will be demonstrated include Screen-cast-omatic and Screencastify.

Introduction to Google Docs

This course will give participants an overview of the free digital tools associated with Google Drive and Google Docs.  Participants will learn how to use Google Docs as a free cloud based content creation tool that is similar to Microsoft Word.  Google Docs allows professionals to work collaboratively in real time from any location.

Introduction to Google Drive

This course will give participants an overview of the free digital tools associated with Google Drive. Participants will learn how to use Google Drive as a cloud storage and content creation tool that allows professionals to work collaboratively in real time from any location.

Introduction to Google Slides

This course explores how to create presentations using Google Slides. Google Slides offers many of the features of PowerPoint but a no cost!  This is an introductory course that helps business professionals learn how to use this tool with their employees, clients, and colleagues.  The series will guide viewers on how to create and name a Google Slide, navigate the menu options, share and work collaboratively on Slides, design and use templates, and present a Google Slide.

Introduction to Google Forms

This course explores how to use Google Forms to create effortless online data collection. This is an introductory series that helps educators learn how to use this tool with their colleagues and students.  The course demonstrates how to create & name a Form, navigate the menu options, share a Form, design and use templates, send a form, and access the data from a Form via a Google Sheet.

Introduction to Google Hangouts

Are you looking for an easy way to video conference with your colleagues and clients? Are you looking for a free alternative to other video conferencing tools like Go to Meeting? This cource explores Google’s free video conferencing tool – Google Hangouts. Hangouts provides an excellent video conferencing platform with chat and screen sharing tools. Integrate Hangouts with Google Drive for a seamless workflow.

Smart Polling

This course provides an overview of Poll Everywhere, a free polling service that provides businesses an easy format to collect data from clients and employees. Administer polls via the web, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Embed polls into PowerPoint and Google Slides for engaging presentations. Multiple polling questions are available including multiple choice, true/false, audience Q&A (question & answer), rank order, surveys, open-ended questions, and more!